Forum Systems Web Services Security Gateway to be used in BT’s 21st Century Network programme

Forum Systems announced that after a diligent evaluation process, BT has selected Forum”s industry-leading Service Oriented Architecture threat protection and trust management products for BT’s 21st Century Network (21 CN) programme. The Forum Sentry SOA Security Gateway will enable XML-based Web Services communications for internal and external applications. Forum’s products will be used to enforce security, service-level agreements, identity federation and run-time governance for BT’s next-generation global network.

Forum’s SOA infrastructure is helping BT and over 100 Fortune 1000 organizations re-engineer business processes, reuse IT assets and move legacy systems to more agile and efficient Web Services platforms. Forum Systems’ strategic relationship with BT is evident after being awarded three contracts in 2006 alone.

An end-to-end IP-based network, 21 CN will consolidate BT’s systems infrastructure to ensure the delivery of NGN services. The vision is to bring together voice, data and video services for richer customer experiences over a converged IP-based network. To make this a reality, BT is creating a multi-layered and intelligent platform that will allow BT and third-party service and content providers to create and deliver consumer focused, multi-media enriched services.

“Forum Systems is thrilled to be working with BT to enable and secure the exciting services and capabilities that will be part of the 21st Century Network,” said Wes Swenson, CEO for Forum Systems. “BT is a leading force in the telecommunications world and with the 21CN programme, customers will now be able to create and mix together innovative user-generated content and services. As a leader in SOA infrastructure, Forum is committed to delivering the critical security components that will bring the power of BT’s global network to the Web.”

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