McAfee SiteAdvisor Plus released

McAfee, Inc. announced the launch of McAfee SiteAdvisorPlus, the first Web safety tool to actively shield consumers’ computers from dangerous Web sites encountered when browsing, searching, and instant messaging or e-mailing. McAfee SiteAdvisor Plus is a premium product that extends the value of McAfee SiteAdvisor, the world’s first safe search and browse technology.

McAfee SiteAdvisor Plus takes McAfee SiteAdvisor from a helpful guide to actively enforcing SiteAdvisor’s safety ratings and actively shielding computers from interaction with risky sites by checking links in e-mail and instant messages, preventing users from navigating to risky sites and by adding advanced phishing site detection. Consumers may use McAfee SiteAdvisor Plus to complement their existing McAfee products, with non-McAfee security products, or as a stand-alone solution.

McAfee SiteAdvisor, available as a free tool, pioneered Web safety by testing more than 95 percent of the trafficked Web for spyware, adware, spam, browser attacks and online scams. These test results are used to develop site ratings which are communicated to end-users via intuitive red, yellow and green icons. More than 250 million times each day, consumers use these ratings to advise them about which sites are safe and which are not.

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