Protection against Internet attacks with SecurWall

With SecurWall PCs are effectively protected against attacks and suspicious Internet programs. It does not matter what type of connection is used: dial-up, DSL or dedicated line. The software, which provides high performance security, is characterized by simple rules administration for applications, IP addresses, portals, protocols, etc. It is easy to use, even for unexperienced users. Its effectiveness is internationally recognized, and the software won the “Best Desktop Firewall” prize in the distinguished SC Magazine Awards 2006.

SecurWall protects your computer from Trojan horses, spyware and worms, among other things. Thanks to SecurWall, unauthorized and suspicious applications are blocked so they cannot get past the firewall. From the beginning to the end of communications, all applications are analyzed and evaluated according to pre-established rules in the program. Using anti- spoofing protection, SecurWall recognizes packets of dangerous data and blocks them before they can attack the system. This security solution also protects at the application level, individually regulating each application’s network or Internet connection. If the user is online, he can navigate in “Stealth” mode and remain invisible on the Internet. This way, SecurWall prevents hackers from invading the computer.

SecurWall especially stands out because it offers maximum online privacy to users, as soon as the Internet connection is encrypted and the IP address modified. This way, the user remains entirely anonymous and can never be followed or located. If a hacker tries to locate a user who is in Brazil, for example, SecurWall will lead his search to Hong Kong or any other place where there is a SecurStar server and the hacker won’t be able to reach the Brazilian user.

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