PGP is 15 years old – listen to “The Story of PGP: Past, Present and Future”

PGP Corporation salutes the 15th anniversary of PGP encryption technology. Developed and released in 1991 by Phil Zimmermann, Pretty Good Privacy 1.0 set the standard for safe, accessible technology to protect and share online information. Used by millions of users and tens of thousands of companies around the world, PGP technology continues to be recognised for its contributions to the software industry, Internet commerce, and the protection of privacy. Recently, PGP encryption technology was named one of the top 25 most influential products of the first 25 years of enterprise personal computing.

The Story of PGP: Past, Present and Future

A year ago, Help Net Security met with Jon Callas, CTO and CSO of PGP Corporation. Presented here is the entire story of PGP in his words that covers everything from the the early days to future plans.

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