Secure Software announces CodeAssure 4.0

Secure Software announced version CodeAssure 4.0, the industry’s most accurate tool for identifying, assessing and remediating software vulnerabilities in applications. Software developers for large enterprise applications now benefit from running code analysis with enhanced enterprise Java capabilities and in Visual Studio. The new version also introduces numerous other enhancements designed for flexibility, productivity and security.

CodeAssure 4.0 includes integration into Visual Studio 2002, 2003 and 2005 IDE’s, giving developers the flexibility to analyze code without leaving the environment. Deep integration enables Visual Studio IDE users to analyze C/C++ code, assess and annotate results, run reports, and collaborate with other developers and security analysts using CodeAssure Team Server and Management Center. Visual Studio integration is available in all CodeAssure Suite editions.
In addition, CodeAssure 4.0 provides support for analyzing Java and J2EE applications utilizing JDK 1.5 language. Included is automated JSP analysis, including Eclipse WebTools integration as well as integration with existing ANT-based projects.

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