Password Protector 2006 – hackerproof protection for your personal data

Kristanix Software announced the release of Password Protector 2006. The new program embodies the most advanced ideas in the sphere of personal data defense. The program performs the function of a secure storehouse for your precious information: it remembers your usernames and passwords; helps you to login automatically to websites using drag and drop; generates passwords others cannot guess; helps you to install your passwords database to a multitude of removable devices, such as USB flash drive, diskettes and the like.

All passwords, stored by the program, are described in the way that makes them easy to find when you need: a tree-type hierarchical structure arranges passwords in a simple and visually clear way. Every time you create a new password entry, you can specify icon, username, title and other attributes. The program verifies your passwords, when you enter them, so you will not confuse them with something else. In addition to this, you can add some notes to each password entry and check the time, when it was created, accessed last time or changed. But this is not all: you can even set a time limit for a password to expire.

Password Protector 2006 Features at a Glance:
– Remembers your usernames and passwords;
– Automatically logins to webpages using Drag-Drop;
– Securely encrypts password entries;
– Imports/exports information to/from a variety of formats;
– Features a vivid and impressive interface.

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