Keep track of employee desktops for higher productivity and stronger security

Oleansoft today announces the release of an update version of Oleansoft Hidden Camera, a two-side system for remote desktop monitoring and control. Improvements in version 250×1 target remote control capabilities. It is now possible to not only transmit messages to clients, but also block or otherwise interfere into activities which are not work-related. Work with the record archive has also been improved and now features date and time filters. On the whole, the new version extends the means of real-time and retrospect monitoring.

Oleansoft Hidden Camera 250×1 Features at a Glance

– Simultaneous monitoring of up to 250 client desktops;
– Real-time screen sharing from split-screen;
– Management of cameras directly from a screenshot;
– Smart technology of screen capture (either whole screen or active window);
– Up to 25 groups of employees;
– Off-line work time counter
– Screenshot recording at regular interval;
– External viewer of archive records with time and date filters;
– Support for different network configurations, including proxy;
– Autostart at the system boot;
– Fast transmission of text messages, keystrokes and mouse moves to client desktops;
– Stealth mode;
– Quick installations from the command line.

Oleansoft Hidden Camera 250×1 runs under Windows 98SE/2000/2003/ME/NT/XP and requires 100 Mb TCP/IP network. The product licence is offered on per-desktop basis and starts at 39 USD for each desktop up to five. Educational institutions are also eligible to a 30 per cent discount. All registered users are entitled to free technical support. A fully functional trial version is available at

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