EmailMeForm: free contact forms to help webmasters stop spam

EmailMeForm is an innovative service that not only offers free customizable web forms to webmasters, but also hosts the web forms on its own site, making it easy for any webmaster to use such a form. EmailMeForm features a ‘Captcha’ (Image Verification) method to make sure the web forms are submitted only by humans. EmailMeForm also offers such features as Autoreply with the form submission to the visitor and many other features.

The main innovation brought by the new EmailMeForm is that the online forms are hosted and processed by its own web server; webmasters do not have to install scripts or change any configuration. They do not even need to know HTML or programming, not even a bit. After a signup, you can design your web form using a very convenient online wizard, and then get a link to the form on EmailMeForm site or the HTML code to paste in your contact page and that’s it, the form will be there and working!

The benefits of online contact forms are numerous and impossible to overestimate, the main of them being the fact that the webmaster’s email address remains private and spam free. Using an Online Contact Form is the easiest way to protect your email from listing in public places. This way you not only hide it from spammers and minimize the spam growing rate, but you also allow people that don’t have an email address (that’s right, there still are some people like this), or people who are afraid of giving it out (whose number is much larger), to send you feedback.

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