Dekart Private Disk Multifactor 2.00 to ease endpoint data protection with proactive disk firewall

Dekart launched version 2.00 of its advanced disk encryption software Dekart Private Disk Multifactor that employes smart card and fingerprint authentication to protect encrypted information. Private Disk Multifactor secures confidential data on laptops, USB disks and other endpoint devices to ensure that no financial loss will occur in the result of information theft.

Key features:

– Support for smart cards and biometric devices provides an added layer of data protection by storing the user’s private decryption key or strong password on a smart card or USB stick. So if, for example, a laptop is lost or stolen, there will not be a risk of data being compromised.

– Disk Firewall protects your data from illegal copying, viruses and spyware by maintaining a white-list of applications which are allowed to access the encrypted disk.

– 64-bit platform compatibility – Private Disk works with Windows x64, on AMD64 and IA-64 systems. At the same time, the program is able to run on older versions of Windows, including Windows 95.

– Strong encryption algorithm – Private Disk uses NIST certified AES 256 bit encryption algorithm to protect private information

– Portability allows you to open your protected files on other computers by running Private Disk directly from a removable drive, without having to install it locally. The program can be migrated to a USB disk or flash memory card with a single click, while the built-in safe hardware removal routine will help you disconnect the removable disk quickly and safely.

– Encrypted backups – creates compressed encrypted backups of your protected data, making disaster recovery an easy process.

– Autorun applications – simplifies your tasks and saves your time by automating the execution of specific applications located on the encrypted drive.

– Autofinish allows you to perform a broad range of tasks automatically (ex: remove temporary files), by letting Private Disk run specific applications when the disk is dismounted.

– Data wiping – securely erases encrypted data, making sure that recovery tools will fail to obtain fragments of the encrypted files.

– Encryption key backup allows restoring your protected files in cases when the medium on which the encrypted disk is stored becomes corrupt.

– Protects unattended computer – automatic disk disconnection – after a defined inactivity period – this will back you up in case the tea-break took longer than you initially planned.

– Mounts multiple disks simultaneously and manage your files in a better way, keeping them ordered by categorizing and cataloguing them; saves time by cutting search times.

– A broad range of media can be used to store the encrypted data. Among the supported storage units are external hard drives, flash memory cards, USB flash drives, iPods, etc.

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