Aventail’s SSL VPN platform chosen by Trans States Airlines

Aventail announcedthat Trans States Airlines, the sixth-largest independent regional airline in the USA, has standardized on Aventail’s  award-winning SSL VPN platform ST2 to help provide its employees and contractors with secure remote access to corporate resources.

Trans States Airlines Implementation

If you travel in the Midwest or Eastern US, you’ve likely flown Trans States Airlines (TSA). TSA carries over 3.4 million passengers with over 300 flights to 62 cities as a quality regional feeder airline for American Airlines, United Airlines, and US Airways.  Before Aventail, TSA had several problems in giving their employees remote access. Employees had to learn several different systems, and IT resources were strained to support previous VPNs. TSA technicians experienced nightmares in trying to configure the network in order for pilots to access sensitive information from a wide range of end point devices from anywhere.  Further, third party vendors had difficulty accessing the network and TSA had difficulty conducting remote vendor training with their existing system. 
Aventail EX-2500 enterprise SSL VPN solution provides TSA’s 2000 aviation professionals with a secure remote access solution with seamless connectivity that works easily and dependably. It also allows for differing levels of access to resources by employees and partners demonstrating their credentials and authenticating through Aventail’s granular security policy.
Now TSA managers can securely access and download files from their corporate network folders from home, and administrative staff can safely view sensitive information such as on-time departure statistics securely from across the firewall. Pilots have access to flight plans and documentation from wherever their routes may take them, over any Web-enabled device. And vendors get dependable access to authorized resources. Additional hops—and related troubleshooting bottlenecks—have been eliminated. Vendors can now train remotely, saving money for both them and TSA. Furthermore, with Aventail Connect Mobile, executives using PDAs are able to access the same desktop they saw in the office from anywhere on the road.

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