PGP Corporation announces support for Microsoft Vista

PGP Corporation announced support for the upcoming Microsoft Windows Vista operating system, scheduled for broad distribution in 2007. As a member of Microsoft’s ISV Managed Partner Programme and longstanding Microsoft partner, PGP Corporation is committed to rapid support and availability for Vista-compatible applications across the PGP Encryption Platform.

“PGP Corporation has a long history of working with Microsoft to ensure customer success, and we are happy to continue that tradition with support for Microsoft Vista,” said Jon Callas, chief technology officer and chief security officer for PGP Corporation. “As security breaches continue to proliferate and customers take a comprehensive approach to protecting their data, the PGP Encryption Platform and family of integrated applications offer compelling solutions across a wide variety of security requirements.”

Support for Microsoft Vista by the PGP Encryption Platform provides enterprise-class centralised management of enrollment, keys, recovery tokens, policy, and reporting and logging, enabling organisations of all sizes to easily manage platform-enabled security applications. PGP Whole Disk Encryption with support for Vista will offer several key advantages:

– Supports a wide array of hardware; does not require a Trusted Platform Module
– Supports both Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac OS X operating systems to ensure broad coverage across the most popular enterprise computers
– Supports passphrases much stronger than simple personal identification numbers
– Provides protection for all disk volumes-not just the operating system volume-including removable USB storage devices (i.e., thumb drives)
– Easily installed and enabled; requires no drive re-partitioning


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