BreachGate WebDefend web application firewall released

Breach Security announced the release of its BreachGate WebDefend Enterprise version 2.0 web application firewall. The new Enterprise version delivers a scalable enterprise architecture capable of managing large sensor deployments, enhancements to automated application profiling, and additional mechanisms for blocking attacks.

“BreachGate WebDefend is protecting web applications for some of the largest companies in the world.  These customers have deployed WebDefend appliances throughout their networks and require a solution that scales effectively and is easy to manage,” said Marc Shinbrood, CEO, Breach Security, Inc. “We listened to our customers and delivered a product that meets the requirements of the growing number of large organizations looking to secure their online customer transactions and other sensitive web-based information.”

The new Enterprise architecture addresses the needs of organizations managing large numbers of geographically disparate web applications. The core of the new architecture is a management server providing centralized event consolidation, user management, and command and control. The consolidation of events from sensors throughout the organization also provides an early warning system for enterprise-wide attacks. WebDefend’s enhanced centralized user management provides granular user access control by web application based on roles, and centralized command and control provides a single point of management for all sensors.

In addition, WebDefend Enterprise’s enhanced patent-pending learning process ensures the most accurate application profiles of acceptable behavior available. Since application profiles are used to validate all web traffic, they directly relate to the accuracy of attack detection. Accuracy is important for effective detection of the many variations of Cross Site Scripting (XSS) and SQL injections that circumvent network intrusion detection systems.
With this new release, WebDefend’s application profiles provide unique support for web sites with dynamic URLs. As web sites have become more complex by serving up content from databases, the number of different URLs to profile is growing exponentially. Dynamic URL handling delivers accurate event consolidation and reporting.  Without this capability, web application profiles quickly become too large to manage.

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