Senforce introduces SDK for endpoint security management

Senforce Technologies announced the release of the Senforce Software Development Kit (SDK) for Endpoint Security Management, giving security solution providers the ability to integrate the Senforce Endpoint Security Suite (ESS) into their product portfolios. It also offers existing and future Senforce customers the ability to enhance their utilization of Senforce ESS.

The Senforce Technologies, Inc. SDK for Endpoint Security Management includes everything developers need to write, build and test Senforce security policies for the Senforce endpoint security client.

Developers can utilize exposed interfaces and resources for customization of the endpoint security client as well as create security policies for enforcement using the .NET Framework 2.0 and COM compatible development environments. The Senforce SDK for Endpoint Security Management includes extensive documentation, sample applications, automated tests and project templates for creating custom solutions utilizing Senforce award-winning technologies.

The Senforce SDK for Endpoint Security Management contains:

” Installation package for use with Microsoft Visual Studio 2005

” API documentation for policy assembly and endpoint interfaces

” Sample application demonstrating SDK utility

” Merge module for installation of the Senforce framework within third-party applications

” Project templates for Visual Studio 2005

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