BigFix awarded for vulnerability remediation

BigFix announced BigFix Enterprise Suite was named the Network World Clear Choice Test winner in vulnerability remediation, performing well in all categories and standing out in ease of use, customization, and reporting capabilities. BigFix Enterprise Suite was chosen over several competitors including Altiris, LANDesk, and McAfee, for providing the best options for deploying patches, superior reporting capabilities, unequalled navigation, and overall usability.

“We are pleased that Network World has provided another impartial testimonial that BigFix is the best vulnerability assessment and remediation solution on the market,” said Gregory Toto, BigFix Vice President of Product Management. “BigFix consistently outperforms other systems management approaches by delivering real-time visibility and control across all enterprise end-points, connected or disconnected, with unparalleled performance and scalability, regardless of network complexity and size.”

According to Network World, “BigFix easily handled basic remediation functions in this test. While the product supports hundreds of system checks out of the box, BigFix excels in its ability to support custom checks and custom deployments. Administrators can create customized Fixlets, the BigFix term for checks and remediation actions, with almost infinite possibility.” The publication highlighted options not available in other products that it reviewed, such as BigFix’s ability to define specific system criteria or attributes to provide additional detail controls for a variety of remediation measures.

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