Watermark Factory image protection tool for Windows Vista

Watermark Factory announced the launch of version 2.53 of the popular image protection tool, packed with new effects and image processing technologies. In its creation, the developers have put much emphasis on watermark quality and program functionality. And their efforts are not in vain. Enhanced Watermark Factory does its job better and faster. This update will allow you to use Vista-compatible product version as soon as you migrate to the new operating system. New features allows working with EXIF and IPTC information.

Watermark protection has earned the reputation of the most effective weapon against copyright abuse. This time-proven solution acquires a new meaning in Watermark Factory. Elegant, yet highly functional, Watermark Factory v2.53 helps you to create a visible protection without destroying the overall aesthetic impression of an image. It gives you a set of precision tools which enable you to create a smart-looking text or a logo watermark and integrate it into your image. Once your watermark is created and saved, you can easily retrieve it and use again with just a couple of mouse clicks. The program works with single images as well as with image folders so those who process images in the line of duty will have a huge load off their shoulders.

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