Access Smart’s Power LogOn passes rigorous hacker proof test program

Access Smart announced today that Elite Development Group (EDG), a leading Orange County security solutions provider, has given Access Smart’s Power LogOn password management system a security rating of four out of five Black Padlocks.

EDG security technicians attempted to find security breaches in the Power LogOn password management system over a three week period using a myriad of high-tech criminal scenarios that included reverse engineering, hardware hacking and keystroke logging software.

Each method was deemed unsuccessful. The Power LogOn password management system is adept at preventing the most malicious computer information thieves from obtaining passwords and credit card information, thereby keeping confidential and personal information secure.

Power LogOn is protected by smartcard’s Triple Data Encryption Standard (3DES), keeping confidential material protected from everyone except for the registered Power LogOn user. The original 64-bit DES cost $250,000 to crack and was accomplished in three days. Power LogOn’s 256-bit Triple DES encryption is three times more secure than the original and would now cost one million dollars to crack.

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