Secure your mobile with Phone Guardian for Series 60

Phone Guardian is a security anti thief and auto lock application for Series 60.3 Symbian smartphones which protects your phone and secures the data on it. In case the mobile is forgotten or stolen, Phone Guardian will allow to secure and lock your mobile remotely by sending a lock SMS.
Once locked the phone remains secured. It will not be possible to use the mobile or to uninstall the Phone Guardian software. Mobile can only be unlocked by sending an unlock SMS with a password.
An alarm-SMS can be sent to a third phone in order to inform about when the SIM was changed; what new SIM was inserted and where the thief was located at this time (CellID information).
Phone Guardian Key Features:
“ Auto lock on SIM change/receiving Lock SMS
“ Automatic sending of alarm SMS to a third party number defined by you with all important information about your phone, also the thief’s location (based on CellID)
“ Phone locking can be accompanied with very loud siren, disregarding the profile chosen on the mobile
“ Phone can be locked and unlocked remotely per SMS
“ Auto lock without Siren can be set when the phone is idle for a certain time

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