New format of 3M confirm authentication products with Floating Image Technology

3M announced the launch of a new format of the 3M Confirm authentication products with floating image technology that helps to protect against counterfeiting and tampering. This new format offers multi-layered overt and covert security features, and allows for the incorporation of additional security and tracking features into the same label.

First introduced last April as the latest in a line of innovative security solutions, the Confirm authentication products with floating image technology from 3M feature an optically variable device (OVD) – a unique, overt security feature. The OVD image appears to “float” above or “sink” below the surface of the label and then disappear as the viewing angle changes, which enhances the brand with a visually attractive “wow” factor. Dramatic movement of the image is easy to detect and recognize using only the human eye, enabling quick and easy authentication that helps to prove the label and product are genuine.

The new format builds on 3M’s proven retroreflective security technology – 3M Confirm security labels – which have been very well accepted in the security marketplace for more than 25 years. The floating image security feature enhances the inherent security of Confirm authentication labels and is based on 3M proprietary technology. Verification is easier than ever and can be accomplished by a diverse population.

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