Tenable Network Security releases passive Vulnerability Scanner 3.0

Tenable Network Security announced the immediate general availability of its Passive Vulnerability Scanner version 3. Major enhancements include near real-time access to network vulnerability data and alerts as well as the availability of Tenable Policy Libraries which can monitor data streams and identify systems (and system owners) accessing pornographic or social networking sites, and inspect plain text email or IM traffic for credit card or social security information.

The increasing use of corporate email, Web email, instant messaging, peer-to-peer, FTP and other channels for distributing data allow employees to easily carry sensitive information outside the organization’s boundaries. Monitoring network traffic for breaches in policies regarding data distribution provides yet another layer of control and due diligence for our customers,” added Ron Gula, CEO of Tenable Network Security.

In addition to the new capabilities available in the 3.0 release, Tenable’s Passive Vulnerability Scanner continues to provide network discovery and intelligence by identifying and observing systems that are active on the network. The Passive Vulnerability Scanner can also report on the type of protocol used for communication, list systems that are communicated with, list applications that are in use and identify system vulnerabilities. When used in combination with Tenable’s Security Center, organizations can utilize this information to efficiently monitor for rogue systems, vulnerabilities, worm outbreaks and policy violations.

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