New Twinhead DURABOOK rugged notebooks feature TPM 1.2 security

Twinhead Corporation is officially launching its DURABOOK D13RY and D14RY models at this year’s CES Show.

The optional TPM (Trusted Platform Module) 1.2, the hardware-based security technology offered in the D13RY and D14RY, is an international standard created by the non-profit Trusted Computing Group. The TPM technology provides the most secure environment for mobile data protection based on the security protection being built within the PC hardware itself. More hacker-resistant than software solutions, TPM security has become a cornerstone solution for the IT community.
Security, however, is just one of the ways DURABOOK notebooks bring peace of mind. Since their debut nearly two years ago, DURABOOK PC design has re-defined performance and durability for a new generation of active PC users who put their computers to the test.

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