OmniPass – a solution that combines biometrics and password management security

Fujitsu and Softex Incorporated announced that the solution combining the Fujitsu PalmSecure biometric authentication device and Softex’s OmniPass Client and Enterprise Edition security software is now ready for the market. The collaboration between the two companies, which was first announced in September, will provide a powerful combination of biometric authentication tools for login security, access management and data protection for both client and server environments.

OmniPass Client Edition Key Features:

— Secure Single Sign-On and enterprise class password management including support for Microsoft Internet Explorer (including IE7) and Mozilla (Firefox)
— Password manager supports Windows-based enterprise level applications including Oracle, SAP , web portals, and other applications
— Reliable and simplified biometric authentication with the Fujitsu PalmSecure sensor
— File, folder and file sharing encryption
— Simple installation process and an easy to use user interface

The OmniPass Enterprise Edition security application is a server based back-end solution offering enterprise wide identity and password management, as well as data protection that can be easily deployed and managed by the IT department staff. When the OmniPass Enterprise Edition application is combined with the Fujitsu PalmSecure sensor, the result is a strong authentication and identity management system that can easily be integrated into the existing enterprise infrastructure.

OmniPass Enterprise Edition Key Features:
— Standard Microsoft Management Console (MMC) for managing user accounts and settings
— Choice of centralized or remote enrollment of biometric templates using the Fujitsu PalmSecure device
— Support for multi-devices and multi-factor authentication including other biometric devices, smart cards, TPM chips and other hardware tokens
— Encrypted file sharing in the enterprise
— Integrated License Management

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