Online gaming company uses ClickToSecure for securing Web-Based applications

Cenzic announced that K2 Network, a leader in the online game market, has standardized on Cenzic’s ClickToSecure managed service offering to assess the vulnerability of its web-based gaming applications and to ensure optimal security throughout the software development lifecycle. K2 Network’s decision to work with Cenzic further builds on Cenzic’s momentum as a leader in delivering flexible, on-demand testing solutions for critical web-based applications.

K2 Network is a leading player in the MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games) market and is the company behind two of the most popular MMORPGs, “Knight Online World” and “Global Mu Online,” with more than 3 and 2 million registered users, respectively. K2 Network supports a global online gaming community with all of the necessary elements to support millions of players, including billing, customer support, game management, and transaction systems for purchasing new items used by players during the course of the game. MMORPGs effectively serve as e-commerce systems serving hardcore gamers who can spend thousands of dollars a year on game-related micro-transactions to acquire weapons and other tools for improving their playing experience.

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