Solid File System Driver Edition SDK – revolutionary system for secure information storage

EldoS Corporation announced the release of Driver Edition SDK for its SolFS (Solid File System) product family. Driver Edition SDK provides a new level of protection for confidential information: it maintains encrypted storage with a built-in file system, and at the same time, offers access to the data to other applications via standard Windows API.

The first level of protection is a specialized file system called Solid File System (SolFS). SolFS is a fully-functional file system which supports not only basic file operations, but also the advanced built-in features, such as transparent data encryption and compression, journaling, application-defined file tags and storage metadata. Powerful data encryption within SolFS is implemented using AES and SHA (HMAC) algorithms with a 256-bit key. Encryption can be applied to the storage as a whole, to each file, or even to each stream separately, with different keys. Moreover, you can always add your own encryption schemes to further improve security.

An outstanding feature of SolFS file storage is that it can be located not only on the hard disk or a flash card, but also in operating memory (RAM storage), in the database BLOB record, on the remote server, or even accessible via local network or Internet.

Another level of security is the access control provided to third-party Windows and Windows CE applications. The system-level driver can distinguish between the applications that are or are not allowed to access your sensitive data. And no changes to the applications themselves are required. By using this method, SolFS Driver Edition SDK opens the door for usage of a wide range of third-party applications for processing sensitive data.

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