SecureWorks integrates with Qualys’ Vulnerability Management SaaS Solution

SecureWorks has integrated with Qualys’ Vulnerability Management System enabling the SecureWorks Security Management Platform, Sherlock, to have visibility into additional security risk information to better protect clients. For SecureWorks clients who have chosen the Qualys vulnerability management solution, this integration provides a more comprehensive view of their security posture, integrated reporting, and additional context for the SecureWorks security analysts monitoring or managing their environment. Although SecureWorks will continue to offer its own proprietary solution for network scanning, this integration with Qualys is consistent with SecureWorks’ vendor-agnostic position to support other vendors’ platforms.

“We are very excited to provide integration with the Vulnerability Management System from Qualys to our clients. This integration enables the SecureWorks Portal to serve as an integrated source for threat and vulnerability information providing our clients with greater insight into the security of their critical assets,” said Tony Prince, EVP of Strategy for SecureWorks. “The integration with Qualys will also allow us to deliver better protection by providing our security analysts with greater context to more accurately prioritize threats targeting our clients.”

“Interoperability between security applications is paramount as no single security company can realistically offer all the best of breed functionality required to provide a comprehensive and cost-effective security risk management and policy compliance solution. Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions such as SecureWorks and Qualys are inherently easier to integrate than traditional software solutions and, most importantly, the integration is transparent to the user,” said Philippe Courtot, Chairman and CEO of Qualys.

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