Advanced email security for IBM Lotus Notes

Voltage announced the availability of Voltage SecureMailâ„? for IBM Lotus Notes. The product enhances secure communication outside corporate walls with advanced features that enable trusted ad-hoc business-to-consumer and business-to-business communications.

Lotus Notes is widely recognized as the first email solution to incorporate encryption, with support for Public Key Infrastructure in 1989. Voltage builds upon its tradition of strong security by bringing easy-to-use, easy-to-manage secure email to users. Leveraging the breakthrough technology known as Identity-Based Encryption , users can now communicate securely with anyone outside their own company.

With the addition of Voltage SecureMail, enterprises using Lotus Notes can enable new communications channels with customers and business partners that were once blocked by security, online fraud and identity theft concerns. Voltage SecureMail enabled solutions include electronic statement delivery, customer service, patient care and critical global business communications.

Voltage SecureMail works alongside the native encryption capabilities in Lotus Notes and utilizes IBE, which drastically reduces the complexity and administration of secure email. With Voltage IBE-based email encryption, organizations obtain trusted and secure communications with as little as a 0.1 full-time employee resource for administration. The technical advantages of Voltage IBE include immediate ad-hoc messaging with anyone, anywhere, and secure key management in addition to automatic expiration and re-generation of keys.

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