Panda Software protects Windows Vista users

Panda Software security solutions will protect users of the new Windows Vista operating system, providing them with the most advanced protection technologies against all types of Internet-borne threats. 
Panda Software already has Windows Vista-compatible versions of Panda Antivirus 2007, for home users, and Panda ClientShield, for protecting workstations in corporate networks.
To keep customers up-to-date about the development of its products with respect to Windows Vista, Panda Software has created the “Windows Vista Information Center”. Here users will find information about the compatibility of Panda Software products with the new operating system. They will also be able to download beta versions and final versions of Panda Software products that support Windows Vista.
Additionally, to make migration to the new operating system as easy as possible while continuing to have the best protection against Internet threats, current clients of the 2007 Panda Software consumer products will get the new Vista-compatible versions free and automatically, as soon as they are available.

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