GFI MailEssentials awarded Checkmark Premium Certification

GFI MailEssentials for Exchange/SMTP has been awarded the Checkmark Anti-Spam Premium Certificate. The technology report produced by West Coast Labs highlights the detailed technical analysis the product went through and found that the anti-spam, anti-phishing and email management solution had a 98% spam detection rate, above the Checkmark requirements. After rigorous testing, and ahead of competitive products, GFI MailEssentials also achieved a 100% valid email identification rate; ensuring that no legitimate email was blocked.

The Checkmark system tests and certifies that security products meet international standards, requiring that anti-spam software meets a minimum of 97% spam detection. West Coast Labs conducted a range of tests in conjunction with Checkmark to indicate how the GFI product performed in a simulated business environment. The solution was evaluated in terms of features and functionality, the way it integrated into a network infrastructure, the level of administrator support it requires and the spam detection capabilities. It was measured against live spam from an initial out-of-the-box configuration, through daily “training” to an optimum spam detection level over two weeks.

The report found that system requirements for GFI MailEssentials were low, with the set-up process being remarkably fast and pain-free. The report stated that the easy to follow instructions enable administrators to perform the “best-fit deployment”. West Coast Labs described the solution as a “flexible and high performance mail security tool” and the results of the tests proved that it is highly efficient and helps to remove the spam burden.

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