Cryptography Research leads five speaking sessions at RSA Conference 2007

Cryptography Research announced that company executives will lead five presentations throughout the week at the 16th Annual RSA Conference, February 5-9, at the Moscone Center in San Francisco.

CRI will lead a pre-conference one-day tutorial entitled “Securing Devices from Side-Channel Attacks: An Introduction to Timing Attacks, Simple Power Analysis (SPA) and Differential Power Analysis (DPA)”. This workshop will examine timing attacks, simple power analysis and differential power analysis as security threats to smart cards and other tamper resistant devices.

Paul Kocher, president and chief-scientist at CRI will present “Failing Gracefully”. In this session, Kocher will describe design and engineering strategies for security systems where adequate defensive mechanisms are impractical or cannot ensure the absence of weaknesses.  In the talk, he will explore the use of multiple security perimeters inside products, secure update capabilities and internal consistency checking methods to prevent operation in partially-exposed states.

Vice President of Technology Benjamin Jun will hold a session on “Security Remodeling: 10 Ways to Retrofit Transactional Systems”. The session will outline ten cost-effective security improvements that can be made in conjunction with other operational changes. Jun will teach practical methods for auditing application designs, protecting databases and improving transaction management.

Researcher Nate Lawson will discuss the quiet war that has raged between copy protection authors and crackers since the 1980s in his session entitled “The Copy Protection Wars: Analyzing Retro and Modern Schemes (C64 to Xbox)”. Lawson will introduce the fundamental concept of asymmetry and show how schemes from Vorpal to SafeDisc achieve it and will also demonstrate attack strategies using an emulator and original Commodore drive.

Security Engineer Trevor Perrin will serve as the moderator on the panel entitled “Wireless Security: Built to Last”. This panel will discuss new threats to mobile security and examine wireless security strategies built to stand the test of time.

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