Partnership for the next-generation secure signature platform

In preparation for the federal government’s 2008 IPv6 deadline, Command Labs, the research and development arm of Command Information announced a development deal with Cryptolex Trust Systems, a developer of identity and trust solutions designed to protect people, property and systems. 
The project will create a next-generation Internet-ready version of Mobio?, Cryptolex’s handheld authentication solution that replaces all other access devices including passwords, tokens, access cards and PINs.  Mobio is one universal ID designed to access all points in an organization creating simplicity, efficiency and security.  It leverages best-of-breed authentication technologies including biometrics and cryptography to convert individual fingerprints into dynamic numbers that can be securely transmitted over any network.
“Command Labs was built to meet 2008 IPv6 government standards and allows our customers to build, test and evaluate next-generation Internet solutions today,” said Dave Green, vice president of Command Labs. “Teaming with Cryptolex, we will IPv6-enable Mobio’s existing technology making it widely compatible and accessible for corporate and government use today, and in the future.” 
“The cryptographic strength of Cryptolex Mobio technology allows for secure validation and exchange of identities between separate networks unlike typical authentication technologies that are not optimized for an ad hoc environment,” said Clovis Najm, chief executive officer and founder of Cryptolex.  “Command Labs’ leading research facility and development team makes them the partner of choice for IPv6-enabling our Mobio solution to offer secure ad hoc authentication to our corporate and government customers.” 
The IPv6-ready Mobio will be designed for Cryptolex’s existing corporate and government clients, including US Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR) and Concurrent Technologies Corporation (CTC).  Project development will take place in Command Labs’ IPv6-enabled Internet environment.

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