Sidewinder 7.0 – industry’s first reputation-based firewall

Secure Computing announced Sidewinder 7.0, the industry’s first firewall to incorporate reputation technology to provide proactive and reliable protection. In addition to the integration of the TrustedSource reputation technology, Sidewinder 7.0 includes significant enhancements for performance, policy management and overall security.

As part of Secure Computing’s vision to provide comprehensive enterprise gateway security, Sidewinder 7.0 incorporates global intelligence from the company’s industry-leading reputation system, TrustedSource. Like a credit agency provides credit scores to enable reliable commerce, TrustedSource provides reputation scores for IPs, domains and URLs. Using this real-time scoring, Sidewinder 7.0 allows organizations to drop connections from malicious sources in order to prevent security threats such as spam and phishing, reclaim bandwidth and reduce downstream server processing.

Enterprises use Sidewinder to manage access to their networks and protect Internet-facing applications, as well as to monitor and manage employee use of the Internet, identify hidden attacks in packet streams, block viruses in file transfers, and create a forensic-quality audit trail to assist with regulatory compliance and reporting. In addition to the TrustedSource integration, key enhancements to Sidewinder 7.0 include:

* Fastest application layer security performance in the industry: Sidewinder 7.0 includes enhancements to provide the fastest layer-7 security in the firewall industry.

* Next-generation hardware platforms: Sidewinder 7.0’s 64-bit architecture includes Intel dual-core technology for high performance and scalability. Sidewinder 7.0 also delivers the first rugged appliance delivered for military and heavy industrial applications.

* Best-in-class unified policy management: Sidewinder 7.0’s flexible and unified policy manager provides customers granular control in a point-and-click manner resulting in an easy-to-use platform and improved security.

* Advancements in VoIP (voice over IP) security: Sidewinder 7.0 provides application-based VoIP security using deep application awareness and control (for example, over VoIP’s Session Initiation Protocol) to protect from new threats created as VoIP solutions become more widely adopted in the enterprise environment.

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