Secuware releases Security Framework 4.0

Secuware announced the availability of Secuware Security Framework (SSF) 4.0. This latest version of the company’s 360-degree security solution ensures the stability, security and manageability of Windows networks by permitting only authorized individuals using authorized applications on authorized devices to access authorized data.

SSF Version 4.0 provides a flexible architecture that allows enterprises to extend the scope of protection as they evolve. SSF comprises four integrated modules that control access to information, access to devices, and integrity of executables, and deliver event logs and audit trails. Enterprises can select those controls that are required today, knowing that they can easily add others as their systems and user behaviors change.

SSF offers a robust, stable solution through:

* Applying 256-bit encryption to all designated data, applications, and devices
* Tight integration with Windows, directly updating the Active Directory schema
* Preventing users from connecting to unauthorized hardware devices such as USB drives
* Limiting the action that may be taken with protected information, such as screen capture or hard-copy printing
* Logging of system security events to maintain an audit trail for compliance reporting
* Strengthening internal security by separating IT and information security controls

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