RSA 2007: Deep Security 5 host intrusion prevention system released

Third Brigade today unveiled Deep Security 5, an advanced, host intrusion prevention system that detects and prevents known and zero-day attacks targeting mission critical servers.

Third Brigade Deep Security brings proven network security approaches, including firewall and intrusion detection and prevention, down to individual computers and devices. It shields vulnerabilities in Windows, Linux and Unix operating systems, as well as enterprise and web applications that make up a data center.

Product enhancements in the newest release have been heavily influenced by customers that rely on Third Brigade Deep Security to provide broader, faster and simpler protection for their enterprise servers, and include:

– Recommendation scan – Identifies applications running on hosts and recommends which intrusion prevention filters should be applied to them, ensuring the correct protection is in place with minimal effort.

– Role-based access – Allows multiple administrators, each with different levels of permission, to operate different aspects of the system and receive information appropriate to them.

– Enriched reporting – A wide selection of detailed reports document attempted attacks, and includes a forensic report that provides an auditable history of security configurations and changes.

– Risk ranking – Security events can be viewed based on asset value as well as vulnerability information.

– Optimized filtering – Advanced capabilities for dealing with streaming media such as IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) to help maximize performance.

– Application protection – Includes out-of-the-box vulnerability protection for over 100 applications, including web and email servers, databases, and DNS and DHCP servers.

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