RSA 2007: Ecora Software releases Auditor Professional 4.1

Ecora Software announced new features in its flagship solution designed to reduce the high cost of compliance mandates, lower the cost of downtime, increase security, and improve operational efficiency of IT professionals.

Available immediately, Ecora Auditor Professional 4.1 now includes a Web-based Enterprise Reporting Center that allows Ecora customers to gain greater visibility into their IT environment. Previously, security, compliance, or other managers required a centralized console with proper access to run reports. Now, anyone with administrative privileges can view and/or generate reports anywhere they want, at any time, providing far greater visibility into the current state of the enterprise.

When combined with the Ecora’s Executive Dashboard, a tool that turns the collection of complex IT information into easy-to-understand, red and green pie charts, both technical and non-technical personnel now have a variety of ways to view their current state of compliance to internal and external policies and standards, greatly reducing the mean time to resolving problems.

Auditor Pro’s new Who Made The Change capability also adds to enterprise configuration visibility by taking the guesswork out of change management. Now, IT managers can not only identify what changes were made, but identify who is responsible for making the change. Customers can go directly to the source to understand what authorized change might have created unintended consequences, or identify who inadvertently or intentionally is making unauthorized changes in the infrastructure.

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