RSA 2007: Ixia triples SSL security testing performance

Ixia announced today new SSL security testing capabilities in its IxLoad- Triple Play test solution that result in performance gains of more than 300 percent, and adds significant new features to the product. IxLoad now harnesses dedicated security processors on Ixia’s Encryption Load Module (ELM) to enable increases in SSL throughput and connection rates. Additional improvements include updated encryption algorithms to increase the range of encryption strengths that can be tested, and customizable security certificate selection for greater flexibility.

“Networks today are put under enormous performance pressures, as the complexity of services and applications increases concurrently with traffic load and scale,” said Vince Vittore, a Yankee Group analyst. “Additionally, networks are being called upon to transmit increasingly sensitive information. The robustness and security of the networks and the equipment therein must be assured.”

The new SSL security capabilities showcase the innovation that Ixia brings to testing by leveraging the strengths of its software and purpose-built hardware in tandem to create solutions that address the challenges of today’s networks. By enabling real-world tests and emulations, Ixia allows system vendors to better ensure the performance of their equipment when deployed in an actual network. IxLoad’s high performance SSL security features now tests the scalability and deployment of SSL security systems for Enterprises, Service Providers and Network Equipment Manufacturers faster and with a higher degree of customization.

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