RSA 2007: StillSecure Safe Access leads the way with “Complete NAC”

StillSecure today announced that Safe Access, the company’s highly acclaimed network access control solution, now delivers on the promise of “Complete NAC’. Complete NAC refers to a comprehensive network access control solution that encompasses pre-connect health checks, post-connect monitoring, identity- based policies, and coverage for Windows and non-Windows OS. It also includes support and compatibility for major industry-wide standards such as Cisco NAC, Microsoft NAP and the Trusted Computing Group’s TNC.

Safe Access already offers best-in-class functionality for pre-admission testing, flexible testing and enforcement options, point-and-click policy definition, and both automated and self-remediation options. New functionality enabling post-connect monitoring, non-Windows OS tests, and identity-based policy are driving the next phase of NAC. As the NAC market continues to grow and mature, this comprehensive capability for managing network access will increasingly separate complete NAC solutions from those that only deliver partial capabilities.

“Done right, NAC enables pre- and post-admission compliance checks, which, effectively, stop the bad guys from getting on the network in the first place, as well as kicking off legitimate users if they don’t comply with company policy,” wrote Rob Whiteley, Senior Analyst at Forrester Research. “Enterprises crave this level of control and granularity: It not only helps combat regulatory pressures like the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), but allows firms to realistically enforce security policies — rather than having them simply gathering dust on HR department shelves.”


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