RSA 2007: Lockdown Networks NAC now supports Microsoft Network Access Protection

From the Microsoft Network Access Protection Partner Pavilion at the RSA show, Lockdown Networks today announced that its flagship NAC solution, Lockdown Enforcer, is now shipping with full support for Microsoft Network Access Protection (NAP). A demonstration of Lockdown Network Access Control technology integrated with Microsoft Network Access Protection was showcased throughout the RSA security conference.

By combining Lockdown Networks’ Network Access Control (NAC) solutions with Network Access Protection, customers can enhance the accuracy and power of Network Access Protection decision-making through detailed knowledge of end-station device health and network-based enforcement. The integrated solution extends the benefits of Network Access Protection across all endpoints on the network, even those which are not running a Network Access Protection client. By supporting Microsoft Network Access Protection now, Lockdown Enforcer’s NAC capabilities deliver improved network uptime and enhanced IT and end-user productivity, while ensuring a clear path to integration with Network Access Protection policy server when the next version of Windows Server, code-named “Longhorn,” ships.

Network Access Protection is a policy enforcement technology built into the Windows Vista and Windows Server “Longhorn” operating systems that allows customers to better protect network assets from unhealthy computers by enforcing compliance with network health policies. Microsoft Network Access Protection technology is publicly available with trial versions of Windows Vista, and available to select partners and customers with Beta 2 of Windows Server “Longhorn.”

“As organizations look ahead to implementing Microsoft Network Access Protection, Lockdown Networks is delivering a solution to enhance network security now, while integrating with and adding value to Microsoft Network Access Protection in the future,” said Mike Schutz, group product manager of Security and Access Products at Microsoft Corp. “Microsoft Network Access Protection represents a major security initiative for Microsoft, and companies such as Lockdown that offer a path to the future represent solid investments for security-conscious organizations.”

Lockdown Enforcer version 4.2.4 with support for Microsoft Network Access Protection is now available. Pricing is $24,995 for a 1U Lockdown Enforcer appliance.

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