RSA 2007: End zero-day attacks with new Innervue security software

Greencastle Technology unveiled its preventative Innervue security software technology. Innervue operates at the “hairline” between software and hardware. At this deep system level it prevents malware and attacks by monitoring the key interfaces between hardware and the software that are needed for software execution. By tracking all software applications at the lowest level possible in a computer system, Innervue is able to detect malware and targeted attacks as soon as they appear on a system and prevent them from ever launching.

Innervue takes less than a minute to install and requires no further updates or signatures, unlike existing security solutions that are limited by their reactive signature and pattern-based methods. Innervue blocks the attack code from running independent of any vulnerability or code flaw. With its real-time deep system level monitoring and exclusive early detection capabilities, Greencastle’s technology requires no database, rendering Innervue easy to deploy and manage, in stark contrast to current “whitelisting” solutions.

By using Innervue, system operators will no longer need to manage and oversee security software and security patches. Innervue also closes the security “doors” left open unintentionally by delays in distributing anti-spyware and anti-virus signatures.

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