Mirage delivers first integrated NAC Solution for IBM SiteProtector

Mirage Networks announced today that it has worked with IBM, leveraging the versatility and open architecture of the IBM Internet Security Systems protection platform, to link its endpoint control solution with IBM’s Proventia Management SiteProtector.

“This is one of the most significant milestones in the evolution of the NAC space,” said Greg Stock, president and chief executive officer, Mirage Networks. “In combining Mirage’s patented approach with the power of SiteProtector, customers have an easy upgrade path to a comprehensive NAC solution.”

The Mirage Networks solution works in all network switch environments and is not in-line with network traffic, which reduces deployment complexity and risk. Mirage’s patented quarantine technology isolates infected devices from the network without impacting uptime, preventing infection of other devices. Mirage monitors all network devices both before and after users log onto the network, combining pre-admission authentication and compliance checks with post-admission behavioral monitoring. The process delivers a comprehensive, full-cycle NAC solution.

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