AT&T offers new parental controls with AT&T Smart Limits

The new AT&T Smart Limits brings together information for parental control features for a suite of AT&T services — wireless, wireline, high speed Internet access and video — into one online portal. The site provides information on and availability of AT&T Smart Limits, as well as directions on how to use parental controls features.

The AT&T Smart Limits site includes four areas:

Wireless smart

Control wireless purchases and online access. By accessing the MEdia NetParental Controls, Cingular Wireless customers can restrict mobile phone access to Web sites containing inappropriate content, as well as restrict the purchase of premium subscriptions and downloads, such as games, ringtones and graphics.

Surf smart

Locate tools to block Web sites containing inappropriate and/or mature content. AT&T Yahoo! High Speed Internet and Dial members receive an industry-leading parental controls package, which lets parents filter unsuitable content and customize security settings for each child to ensure their safety while online.

Watch smart

Learn more about managing your family’s TV viewing experience. The video parental controls offered with the video services available from AT&T companies allow customers to do things such as filter viewing based on MPAA ratings, block channels and set limited viewing times.

Talk smart

Learn how to protect children from pranksters and unwanted callers. AT&T home phone calling features gives parents the option to manage calls received, stop unidentified callers, restrict and block entertainment numbers and trace calls made to a home phone.

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