New Activeworx SMC effectively manages and monitors Snort Events

CrossTec Corporation has released Activeworx SMC, a solution for managing and monitoring Snort IDS events and keeping Snort policies and rules up-to-date on sensors. With a combination of easy to understand graphs, charts, and event diagrams, and the ability to look at packet headers and payload data, Activeworx SMC provides vital tools necessary for an IDS administrator to focus on what’s important: quickly identifying and responding to interesting events.

Activeworx SMC boasts complete IDS policy management including Snort policy updates, and it gives you the ability to push new Snort policies to sensors from a central location plus numerous ways to view, analyze, and manage snort events.

The product integrates tightly with the Snort IDS event database to provide high valued information from existing Snort IDS installations, without modifying the original database schema. Activeworx SMC includes Activeworx IDS Policy Manager V2, which has been the de facto standard for managing Snort Windows policies since its release in 2000.

Priced from $395 per sensor, Activeworx Snort Management Center is based on the full-blown security information and event management solution, Activeworx Security Center.

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