Strong authentication suite on a cellphone with nC Mobile Token

Created jointly with Inteligensa, the nC Mobile Token suite combines nCryptone’s experience in the field of strong authentication and Inteligensa’s expertise in the field of highly secure chips.

nC Mobile Token includes:

” A software platform (nC Mobile Service Center) allowing large companies (banks, administrations, e-merchants, etc.) as well as their end-users, to manage, via a secure website, all the steps of the token life cycle: creation of the token, token’s graphic personalization, user provisioning and enrolment, software deployment on cellphones (on air download or SMS), token activation (first use) or deactivation (in the case of cellphone theft for instance) of the authentication function-¦ This modular platform is offered either as ASP or in licence mode.

” A software which, once received by the cellphone, calculates and displays on the screen a dynamic password (OTP), based on a highly secure algorithm: OATH (nCryptone is a coordinator member of OATH). The launch of the calculation is done by entering a Pin code on a cellphone keypad, which constitutes, with the OTP, the second factor of authentication.

nC Mobile Token is compatible with all OATH compliant authentication servers. This compatibility, along with its easiness to implement thanks to the nC Mobile Service Center, guarantees quick deployment and a fast ROI.

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