The first USB Firewall for Windows Vista

CoSoSys just released Secure it Easy endpoint security software for Windows Vista. Most PC users are still not aware of the risks posed by USB Flash Drives, digital cameras or portable music devices and therefore have not taken any precautions to secure their PCs.
Any portable storage device poses a threat to notebooks, desktop PCs and networks.  A disgruntled employee that is tempted to smuggle company data out of the office or somebody that involuntarily carries virus-infected files to the office, can now be stopped.
To guard a PC from such risk Secure it Easy acts as a protective layer between the protected PC and the portable storage device.  Only devices that have been authorized by the PC’s administrator can be used to transfer data to and from the PC.  Such a device is classified as a “TrustedDevice”. All other devices are automatically blocked from reading or writing data.

As an additional feature, the administrator can receive notification e-mails when unauthorized devices have been connected to PCs somewhere within his infrastructure.  This helps find intruders and possible security breaches.
Optionally, the data stored on the portable storage devices can be protected with Carry it Easy +Plus software, which resides on the portable device itself.  This secures your data with 128 bit AES encryption.  In case of lost or stolen devices, your data remains secure.
Secure it Easy is compatible with Windows Vista, Windows XP and Windows 2000.  The application user interface is available in English, German and French.
A Secure it Easy license is available for US$ 44.95 per installation.

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