CyberAngel foils interstate laptop theft

CyberAngel Security Solutions, Inc. has made an interstate recovery of a stolen laptop thanks to excellent police work in two states. Recently, an independent sales agent had his computer stolen while visiting a client. This laptop is a company machine that uses software from The CyberAngel to encrypt sensitive data and recover lost or stolen hardware. The CyberAngel is a comprehensive tracking tool that is virtually undetectable to unauthorized users.

Two weeks ago, the stolen computer began covertly contacting The CyberAngel Security Monitoring Center from New Jersey without alerting the unauthorized user. The CyberAngel Recovery Team worked with Detectives Tara Cataldo in Richland County, SC and Mark Smith in Mt. Olive, NJ to recover the machine. “This was an outstanding case,” commented Det. Cataldo, “without this type of technology; we would have never known where to find the laptop.”

“At first, I didn’t have a lot of confidence that I would get my computer back,” remarked Brian M., who owns the recovered machine. “Now, I can’t imagine not having this software. The cost of replacing a computer, and all that priceless data … this is truly incredible.”

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