Bluesocket unveils new WLAN security product portfolio

Bluesocket, Inc. announced a new series of leding-edge BlueSecure Controllers that incorporate Bluesocket’s Secure Mobility technology for wireless data and voice applications. The new product portfolio demonstrates the company’s commitment to evolving its award-winning BlueSecure Controllers to encompass current and upcoming voice and mobile technologies.

Leveraging Secure Mobility technology, the new BlueSecure Controllers give users of laptops, PDAs and other mobile devices wireless access to corporate networks and the Internet while roaming. This capability is valuable to Bluesocket customers across all of its vertical markets, including healthcare, education, hospitality and public access. Specific to the healthcare sector, the new Controllers will especially benefit those hospitals, clinics and healthcare organizations that rely on wireless networks to provide on-the-spot access to vital information, as well as public wireless access to visitors.

In addition to providing simple, centralized WLAN deployments – as well as intrusion detection, worm protection and protection from unauthorized users – the new BlueSecure Controllers will provide:

” Flexible policy enforcement for role, time, VLAN, services and bandwidth/QoS activities
” Universal WLAN authentication for diverse users and devices
” VoIP-QoS and bandwidth management to prevent network contention issues

The BSC-7200, generally available in April, will support WLAN networks with up to 8,000 users. The BSC-600 and BSC-1200, also available in April, as well as the BSC-5200, available in March, will support smaller networks, ranging from eight to 150 APs, offering the same high-performance to small and medium-sized businesses.

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