New iQuate software eases Anti-Virus management headaches

iQuate announced the release of iQNetScan 6, the latest version of its clientless PC inventory and IT asset management suite. Traditionally regarded as a leading IT compliance and risk management solution, the latest release of iQNetScan contains new functionality that extends the capabilities of traditional anti-virus management consoles.

iQNetScan will now automatically scan all PCs connected to a company network to detect if anti-virus definitions are up-to-date, request the definition be updated if necessary, and generate exception alerts for IT personnel should updates fail. The software is particularly useful to IT service providers managing multiple anti-virus products (including Symantec/Norton, McAfee and CA) across multiple client sites.

In addition to anti-virus management, iQNetScan automates key tasks that help to reduce the complexity of IT compliance while automating many manual tasks. iQNetScan helps companies prevent from under or over licensing, allows IT personnel to define software standards and automates adherence to these standards. The inclusion of a sophisticated file search engine as part of this release allows customers to schedule searches network wide for files matching certain criteria (ie: undesirable or illegal images, video and music files which may be inappropriate in a work environment or contrary to policies, standards or even legislation). This latest version also enables users to track and generate financial reports for their company’s or clients’ IT and non-IT assets.

Ultimately, iQNetScan 6 ensures that Network Managers always have up-to-the-minute inventory information and will automates alerting IT personnel when hardware or software rules are breached or if employees (or others) implement changes to PCs or the company network. The application is clientless (no agent software is installed on the machine being scanned) which makes it very easy to deploy and use across multiple networks. Users can be up and running in a matter of minutes, allowing companies police their IT networks, safeguard their reputation, avoid infringement costs and better utilize their current IT resources.

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