Analysis: World Wireless Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems Market

The increased uptake of wireless in both the consumer and the enterprise markets is driving the Wireless Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems (WIDPS) market. Increased demand for security has made wireless infrastructure providers interested in this technology.

New analysis from Frost & Sullivan, World Wireless Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems Market, reveals that earnings in the market was worth 43.29 million in 2006 and estimates to reach 91.1 million in 2013.

In enterprises which do not provide any wireless network access, employees sometimes plug their own, consumer-grade wireless access points into the corporate network. By doing so, they create security holes. Enterprises are interested in WIDPS in order to control these rogue devices, contain their wireless signal in the building, prevent intrusions into the network and control corporate laptops and smartphones.

WIDPS used to be the realm of specialized, stand-alone vendors, who provide overlay systems to the existing access infrastructure. However, the increased market potential has sparked the interest of wireless infrastructure vendors. Cisco entered the WIDPS market with the acquisition of Airespace in 2005.

“Frost & Sullivan expects more integration between stand-alone WIDPS vendors and wireless infrastructure providers to take place. If WIDPS capabilities start being shipped as a standard part of the wireless access infrastructure, their usage will become more widespread,” explains Gotzen. “However, this would also imply that the market opportunity for overlay Wireless Intrusion Prevention Systems would be limited to environments with high security demands.”

Stand-alone Wireless Intrusion Prevention vendors are already preparing for this niche market opportunity by targeting specific verticals and sharpening their technological capabilities. Wireless infrastructure vendors should include Wireless Intrusion Prevention Systems as part of their security portfolio, in order to remain competitive.

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