New encryption tool for SYMITAR to protect data in transit across networks

TraceSecurity now offers TraceTunnel for customers of SYMITAR, the most widely adopted core processing platform by America’s credit unions. TraceTunnel is a data encryption tool designed specifically to protect data in transit across a network to ensure secure communication.

TraceTunnel enhances the security of SYMITAR’s products such as Episys and Symulate while remaining transparent to the end user. It sets up transparent encrypted sessions, creating individual one-to-one communications channels between desktop computers and servers. TraceTunnel is password protected to control access and is highly customizable, allowing the user to determine which traffic to encrypt. The tool also helps credit unions comply with the data encryption standards set by NCUA and GLBA.

SYMITAR customer, Kelley Ferguson, A.V.P. of Network and Security Services for Numerica said, “Now that TraceTunnel encrypts and secures the connections to our host system, I can rest assure that our member data is not being compromised on the network. In addition, the initial installation was easy and painless. Without any additional training, we now have the ability to use TraceTunnel not only to encrypt SYMITAR traffic but other applications as well.”

Without data encryption, securing information sent over Intranets would be impossible. This means that sensitive customer data could be intercepted and viewed by any experienced hacker. TraceTunnel encrypts and scrambles all information in transit, so only the intended computer can decipher the data. The data could still be intercepted, but because of the encryption, the information cannot be deciphered. TraceTunnel also helps credit unions protect their members from identity theft and protect themselves against legal liabilities and compliance issues.

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