New version of GateDefender Integra all-in-one proactive centralized appliance

Panda Software has launched the new version of its Unified Threat Management appliance, Panda GateDefender Integra. This new version offers a series of new features including greater protection against unknown attacks, user authentication via RADIUS servers, support for ROI estimates and enhanced graphic reports.
GateDefender Integra offers greater protection against unknown threats thanks to the latest version of Snort and is reinforced by rules created in PandaLabs as new attacks are detected. Consequently, it provides better defense against highly technical attacks (using stealth techniques, fragmented attacks-¦).
Authentication via RADIUS servers improves monitoring of remote users, avoiding the need for registration and management of login details.

The graphic reports in the new GateDefender Integra version offer intuitive and easily digested information about each protection’s status and activity. The graphic reports on attacks or threats that have tried to access the network facilitate decision-making regarding future security policies.

The version of Panda Software’s appliance helps estimate the ROI with performance reports to help justify future investments. This is a great asset when renewing licenses or when evaluating the purchase of additional or complementary protection.

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