AEP Networks announces successful product launch in Japan

AEP Network is now targeting the large IT market in Japan. An AEP Networks sales seminar held mid-February at The Sasagawa Convention Hall in Tokyo attracted approximately 120 attendees. AEP introduced Policy Networking including the debut of AEP NACpoint, an identity-based Network Admission Control (NAC) enforcement point appliance. NACpoint provides LAN and wireless-based endpoint health checking, quarantine and remediation for guest/partner/contractor access, conference rooms, shared workspaces, and wireless access points.

The seminar was titled “Internal Control and the Roles of IT” and included presentations from Pat Donnellan, CEO of AEP Networks; Professor Yasuda from Tokyo University; and many CISSP experts on corporate and public sector governance. AEP Networks’ partners Marubeni Corporation and NEC also presented product demonstrations. Other key partners in attendance at the seminar were Sumisho Computer Systems Corporation (SCS), Kyocera Communications Systems, and Hitachi.

“This is an incredible opportunity to work with numerous world class partners to introduce our products and services to such a highly developed IT market,” says Mr. Donnellan.

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