Entensys releases UserGate 4.1 with VPN support

Entensys released a new version of their UserGate Internet security server. It has a number of major improvements that provide higher safety standards in network data transmission and a more efficient traffic accounting system.

The most significant improvement in this new version is including support of VPN and ICMP protocols, which ensures the privacy and integrity of the information transmitted. It also enables users to check the accessibility of a server on the Internet and also to define packet routing.

One of the new features implemented in UserGate 4.1 is a new Authorization Client, which you can use to view your account status and the amount of sent/received traffic. Additionally, UserGate Administrator now includes a monitor that provides real-time tracking of network and processor loads. This version also includes an improved HTTP Authorization for separate traffic accounting for users working from a terminal server.

UserGate 4.1 has a new Cache Explorer module included as well as many major interface enhancements.

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